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Calling all creators, architects, and 3D artists passionate about crafting immersive virtual experiences - this is your time to shine!

Transform your design dreams into metaverse marvels and stand a chance to win mind-blowing prizes!

Unleash your imagination and craft your very own metaverse masterpiece, showcasing your boundless creativity and unparalleled skills!

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What Is The End Goal?

Your mission is to design a visually stunning and captivating multi-purpose building within the range of 500 to 1000 square meters for the xSPECTAR marketplace.

Drawing inspiration from the future, your creation can be anything from a virtual home, an art exhibition space, a state-of-the-art co-working space, a virtual museum, a gaming arena, or anything you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

The final building must be suitable for interactive experiences, Unreal Engine is the final destination, inviting users to explore and engage with your design.

Submission Deadline | 7th, Jul, 2023

Challenge Requirements:

To participate in this challenge, you will need to meet the following criteria:


Research the subject and make a mood board. You can also use AI for ideas.


Use the provided template to construct your building.


Export your design to Unreal Engine 5 and add your (background environment, lighting, and materials).


Optimize the geometry to ensure your final design is well-suited for interactive experiences.

xSPECTAR Challenge Template

The Prizes
(In xSPECTAR Token)




For the second winner




For the first winner




For the Third winner

Additionally, there will be $500 prizes for participants in each of the following categories, determined by your votes:

  • Best Cinematics
  • Best Use of Space
  • Most Innovative Concept
  • Best Social Interaction Design
  • Best Interior Design
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Your final submission needs to contain:

  • Your mood board with 2D layouts of your design.
  • 3 Cinematic shots from the template file. And 2 of your choice.
  • A 30-second Cinematic Render of your design.
  • The FBX file of your project.
  • Final submissions must be captured directly in Unreal Engine 5.1

The Timeline:

25-04-2023 Challenge kick off date

07-07-2023 Challenge Deadline

15-07-2023 Announcing the winners


Submission time’s Left

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We will evaluate your submissions based on: creativity, aesthetics, functionality, interactivity, and challenge adherence.

The Judges

default judge image

Bob Way

Chief Product Officer xSPECTAR

default judge image

Yahiya Jasem

From VR-Division

default judge image

Xavier Albert

Founder of Xavier Albert Studio

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Challenge FAQ

The xSPECTAR World Building Challenge is a competition for artists, architects, and Unreal Engine enthusiasts to design a visually stunning and captivating multi-purpose building within the xSPECTAR metaverse.
The prizes for the top three winners are:
  • 1st place: $10,000 in xSPECTAR tokens
  • 2nd place: $7,500 in xSPECTAR tokens
  • 3rd place: $5,000 in xSPECTAR tokens
  • Additionally, there are $500 prizes for participants in various categories, determined by votes.
The xSPECTAR tokens can be used within the xSPECTAR ecosystem for various purposes, such as purchasing assets, and services, or participating in exclusive events.
The xSPECTAR tokens, being based on XRP, can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges where they are listed. This allows you to convert the tokens into other cryptocurrencies or potentially into fiat currency, depending on the exchange and trading pairs available.
Participants can showcase their skills to global clients, sell designs to xSPECTAR metaverse landowners, and feature their work on xSPECTAR's and VR Division platforms.
Participants must submit a mood board and 2D layouts, 3 cinematic shots from the template file and 2 of their choice, a 30-second cinematic render of the design, and the FBX file of the project.
You retain full ownership of your designs. By entering the challenge, you grant xSPECTAR and VR Division a non-exclusive license to showcase your work for promotional purposes, with credit always given.
We will evaluate your submissions based on: creativity, aesthetics, functionality, interactivity, and challenge adherence.
To participate, join the Discord server where the challenge is being hosted, and follow the submission guidelines to upload your entry.
Resources like guides, tutorials, webinars with experts, and a lively community on the challenge’s dedicated Discord server will be provided to support participants.
The submission deadline is on the 7th of July 2023.
Participation is open to all. We invite you to join us in this challenge and help us shape the future of the metaverse.
You have the flexibility to change the shape of the building and explore different heights, as long as it stays within the specified area of 500 to 1000 square meters. There is no height limitation, so feel free to design a multi-story building if you wish. Just make sure to adhere to the area requirements while creating your design. Happy designing!






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